Python Development with Docker

I've been trying to brush up my skills in Python after spending a lot of time in R. One of the challenges I've run into is maintaining a common development environment on my Mac. Enter Docker.

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Force Carbonation Charts

Force carbonation charts are readily available in either metric or imperial units, mostly the latter. The problem was, I use Celcius, and my regulator is in psi. This was a quick solution to the problem.

Leap Year Birthday?

If you're born on Feb 29th, when's your Birthday? Good question.

When is the due date?

Using some simple statistics to help figure out when the little one is likely to show up!

Mountain Shelf

Found this sweet design on Pinterest, and fortunately I got a compound mitre saw for my Birthday... so figured this would be a good chance to make use of it!

My New Blog

I've finally got around to updating my website. I've changed the engine and updated it to a more modern UI. If you're interested in what I've done, here are a few details.

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