Abbot Pass

Posted by Mike Birdgeneau

Category: Outdoors

Larch trees are starting to show a handful of yellow branches as they start to prepare for the end of the summer season. In the past two weeks, we have seen hot summer weather mingled with cool storms as arctic weather pushes down and drops a dusting of snow on the high alpine peaks. This past weekend (Sept 6-7, 2014) these peaks were our destination.

We started at Lake O’Hara, and hiked up to Oesa Lake before continuing upward to Abbot Hut. The snow from the past week was 20-30cm deep in places, but the sun was rapidly heating it, making the islands of rock sticking out of the snow grow throughout the day.

Arriving at Abbot Pass is a great experience; it gives you a supreme vantage point over some of the most spectacular mountains in this part of the world. The hut, which is maintained by the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is now a national historic site and it provides well needed shelter from the elements as the peaks reach up to touch the jet-stream; the wind at the pass can be quite eye-watering.


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